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Year Levels



  • One edition written in line with the Australian Curriculum, New South Wales Syllabus and Victorian Curriculum.

Resource available

  • Curriculum cross-reference charts
  • Term planners
  • Diagnostic reviews and answers


Advanced Primary Maths is the only advanced maths series written for Australian primary students.

Written by Harry O’Brien, Advanced Primary Maths follows a spiralled approach, allowing students to build on and revisit maths concepts throughout the year and across year levels. This helps learners make connections over time, supporting recall and fluency.

An accelerated program of maths, Advanced Primary Maths challenges and extends students across four strands, with updated links to the Australian Curriculum, the New South Wales Syllabus and the Victorian Curriculum:

  • number and algebra
  • measurement and geometry
  • statistics and probability
  • problem-solving.


Advanced Primary Maths supports STEM education by addressing all forms of problem-solving and featuring activities that will consolidate and extend students’ abilities:

  • open-ended challengers
  • super problem solving pages
  • super questions
  • weekly testers.

Complementing the existing maths suite

Advanced Primary Maths can be easily adopted and implemented as an extension program with Maths Plus. Both have been written by the same author, follow a spiralled approach and share the same standard features - term planners, find a topic, curriculum cross-reference charts and diagnostic reviews and answers.