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Teaching and Learning Program
Extension Program for Years 3 - 6

Advanced Primary Maths

An accelerated maths program that extends students vertically and horizontally in line with the achievement standards of the Australian Curriculum

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Targeted Teaching across F - 6

A spiralling approach helps students make connections over time and enables the teaching and reinforcement of mathematical skills throughout the whole school year. Content is revisited repeatedly over months and across year levels. This is also known as ‘spacing’.

Maths Plus

Provides spiralling content where concepts are explored, then built on throughout the year and across year levels. This helps learners make connections over time, supporting recall and fluency.


Differentiated teaching is a powerful classroom strategy that aims to increase effective learning for all students. Addressing students at their point of need ensures that all students can engage with and benefit from the mathematics they are learning.

Oxford Maths

A balanced approach including direct instruction, hands-on activities, small group and whole class tasks, skill practice and open-ended problem-solving.

Mathematics Teacher Support Only

Open-Ended Maths Activities

Get practical advice on how you can create your own open-ended and problem-solving questions, and use them effectively in the classroom.

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Challenging Mathematical Tasks

It includes activities that allow for sustained thinking, decision-making and risk-taking by the students.

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Primary Maths Handbook

An essential reference resource for students, teachers and parents.

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