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Series overview

Oxford Maths is a comprehensive and engaging mathematics program for F–6 that ensures every student can access the curriculum at their own point of need. It offers multiple pathways for students of varying ability, and supports the 'gradual release of responsibility' approach, where initial scaffolding is gradually reduced to allow students to become confident and independent mathematicians.

Included activities

The program includes a wealth of hands-on activities, small-group and whole-class tasks, practice exercises and open-ended problem-solving opportunities. It helps students make connections with mathematics in the real world and encourages higher-order thinking and reasoning.

Curriculum alignment

Oxford Maths is fully aligned with the Australian and Victorian Curricula and the NSW Syllabus.

Series components

Student Books for F–6

  • Clear and simple layouts to maximise student learning and engagement.
  • Layouts are based on a developmental approach that incorporates initial scaffolding (Guided section), which is gradually reduced to allow students to become confident and independent mathematicians (Independent & Extended sections).
  • Student activity pages cover the Mathematics content strands of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.
  • Topics follow a scope and sequence that supports the sequential acquisition of mathematical skills, concepts and knowledge.

Australian Curriculum

Practice and Mastery Books
for 1–6

The Oxford Maths Practice and Mastery Books give students more opportunities for practice, consolidation, homework and revision.

Each topic in the Oxford Maths Practice and Mastery Books features:

  • Practice – activities that allow students to practise concepts and skills from the Independent practice section of the Oxford Maths Student Book
  • Challenge – activities that allow students to practise concepts and skills from the Extended practice section of the Oxford Maths Student Book
  • Mastery – activities that go beyond the Extended practice section of the Oxford Maths Student Book, and give students the opportunity to apply their learning and problem-solving skills in open-ended, real-world contexts.
oxford maths practice and mastery

Australian Curriculum

Assessment Books for F–6

  • Short pre-and-post tests are provided for each topic or group of like concepts.
  • Help teachers identify students’ points of need and to measure growth.
  • Results from the pre-tests support teachers to find the correct pathway for each student, whether they are struggling, at level, or extension students.
  • Results from the post-tests allow teachers to track and review student learning.
  • Simple grading system allows educators to assign a grade to students for reporting.

Assessment Books are packagd with a corresponding Student Book.
To view the range, see the Student Books tab.

oxford maths assessment book

Teacher Dashboard

The Oxford Maths Teacher Dashboard provides access to a wealth of digital resources and support material for students and teachers across Foundation to Year 6.

Used in conjunction with the Oxford Maths Student Books, Assessment Books and Practice and Mastery Books, it offers teachers access to clear teaching and learning pathways to meet the diverse needs of students in a single class and across the whole school.

For students:

  • Interactive teaching tools to introduce concepts
  • Support and extension activities
  • Blackline Masters (BLMs)

For teachers:

  • Curricula and planning documents
  • Pre- and post-tests
  • Learning sequences and suggested pathways
  • Assessment grading guides
  • Videos to explore potential difficulties around topics
  • Answers

See the wealth of resources and support material available on the Oxford Maths Teacher Dashboard.

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