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Join our free Oxford Maths for New South Wales workshop to find out how Oxford has addressed the NESA Mathematics K-6 Syllabus and can support you in implementing a differentiated approach to teaching mathematics in your school.

Hosted by Oxford University Press' Emma Short, these workshops will include:
  • Oxford Maths for Australian Schools overview and pedagogy
  • A presentation from expert author Annie Facchinetti, with contributions from Brian Murray, Karen Bellamy and Claire Houston
  • A closer look at the program components, including:
    • Full coverage of the NSW Syllabus
    • Pre- and post- assessment
    • Online assessment, tracking and reporting
August 5th & 6th | Sydney


Mahs Workshop Description

Mathematics Decoded
The formula for confident learners

Written to the NESA Syllabus, this series empowers students with a sequential and differentiated approach to mastering maths, closing skill gaps in the classroom and applying skills beyond.

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Why choose Oxford Maths for NSW?

We know how many different mathematics solutions are available. So what makes ours the best option for you?

Our new series has been developed for the NESA Syllabus, comes with digital resources on Oxford Owl, and meets students at their own level.

Keep your class on track with complete coverage of the NESA Syllabus

This all-new, tailor-made series has complete coverage of the NESA Syllabus, ensuring teachers are delivering fully aligned content to their students.

Access an abundance of digital resources on Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is the home of the Teacher and Student Dashboards, providing a plethora of support materials, including front-of-class displays, explicit teacher instruction, pre- and post-tests for every topic, personalised learning resources, interactive assessments plus tracking and reporting against assessment results and syllabus outcomes.

Meet students at their own level with our differentiation solution

One in two primary teachers identified “supporting students of every maths skill level” as their number one teaching priority for 2024. Our differentiated maths series ensures all students can be met at their point of need.

Series components

Student Books

Our Student Books are based on a developmental approach that incorporates initial scaffolding, which is gradually reduced to allow students to become confident and independent mathematicians, with clear and simple layouts to maximise student learning and understanding. Topics follow a scope and sequence that supports the sequential acquisition of mathematical skills, concepts and knowledge.
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Assessment Books

Assessment Books offer pre- and post-testing for every topic, allowing teachers to identify the level of every student and measure their growth as the year progresses.

Student Dashboards

Available via Oxford Owl, the Student Dashboards deliver a tailored suite of resources for each topic based on students’ ability group (above, on, or below level), ensuring that every student can experience success at their level.
Screenshot of Teacher Dashboard

Teacher Dashboards

Oxford Owl is also the home of the Teacher Dashboards, providing a plethora of support materials, including front-of-class displays, explicit lesson instruction, pre- and post-testing for every topic, and tracking and reporting against assessment results and syllabus outcomes.

A guide to the Mathematics Syllabus for NSW

Download Curriculum Guide

Maths success at every level

Oxford Maths has joined forces with Matific to offer a powerful hybrid learning solution that develops student understanding.

Created in response to changing learning needs and interrupted schooling, this collaboration offers seamless continuity of education from school to home with individual learning pathways that are designed to adapt to students' level of need.


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