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New Zealand customers please contact Edushop for Numicon products and resources.

At a glance

Year Levels

Years F-6


  • Number, Pattern and Calculating
  • Geometry, Measurement and Statistics
  • Breaking Barriers
  • Firm Foundations

Resource available

  • Teaching Handbooks
  • Implementation Guides
  • Explorer Progress Books
  • Explore More Copymasters
  • Classroom resources



  • Develops fluency by using a visual, practical approach to build conceptual understanding and fluent recall.
  • An alternative, or complement to, text-based programs.
  • Can be used alongside any other maths program.
  • Provides step-by-step, hands-on activities that teach problem solving in real-life contexts.
  • Supported by structured apparatus.
  • Supported by bespoke professional development.

Teaching Resources

Teaching Resource Handbook

  • Contains step-by-step activities that emphasise problem-solving through real-life contexts for the whole class, groups, pairs and individuals.
  • Accompanied by an Implementation Guide, which offers guidance on how to use Numicon effectively in your school.

Explorer Progress Book

  • An opportunity for teachers to assess individual children and monitor progress.
  • Real-life contexts allow teachers to assess children's ability to apply their mathematics learning when faced with 'non-routine' problems.

Explore More Copymasters

  • Supports the activities in the Numicon Number, Pattern and Calculating and Geometry, Measurement and Statistics Teaching Resource Handbooks.
  • Short, simple instructions support parental engagement with the activities.
  • Real-life contexts.

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Firm Foundations

Designed for all early years settings, the Numicon Firm Foundations resources give teachers lots of practical ideas for helping children develop an understanding of numbers and number relationships.

The Teaching Pack contains expert guidance, assessment tools and photocopy masters.

Accompanying Apparatus Packs provide all apparatus required for either group or one-to-one settings.

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Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers is specifically designed for teaching children with special educational needs and disabilities, and those working well below age-related expectations.

Breaking Barriers Teaching Pack:

  • Develops understanding of key number concepts with suggestions for real-life contexts.
  • Contains expert advice on making number ideas accessible and a coherent teaching progression with support for planning and assessment.
  • Includes 2-digit numbers, multiplying and dividing and a practical introduction to fractions.

Apparatus Packs:

  • Encourage children to reason mathematically through the use of concrete objects.
  • Support the Breaking Barriers Teaching Pack.