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Science education has seen significant changes over the past 25 years.
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Embrace STEAM education in your classroom

STEAM is an integrated learning approach to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics that encourages students to apply creative solutions to real-world problems.

In an Australian first, the Victorian and Australian Curriculum editions of Oxford Science 7–10, Oxford Humanities 7–10, and Oxford Maths 7–10 each feature fully scaffolded, curriculum-aligned STEAM projects at each year level.

Take the hard work out of cross-curricular projects

Each project has been designed to meaningfully cover Science, Humanities and Maths content, and is accompanied by a comprehensive suite of teacher resources, including videos, teacher notes, implementation advice and assessment.

Empower students to become curious learners

STEAM projects encourage students to work collaboratively, make connections between learning areas, and use design thinking to solve real-world problems.

Gain the confidence to run STEAM classes

Supported by a wealth of digital teacher resources and guidance to design thinking pedagogy, STEAM projects provide teachers with comprehensive support and flexibility for implementation.

Professional development for teachers

Cross-curricular learning through STEAM

STEAM expert Helen Silvester, Humanities educator Katrina Davey and Maths educator Edward Shin discuss a cross-curricular approach to delivering STEAM.

Oxford resources featuring cross-curricular STEAM projects:

Oxford Science 7–10
Australian Curriculum

Oxford HASS 7–10
Australian Curriculum

Oxford Maths 7–10
Australian Curriculum

Oxford Science 7–10
Victorian Curriculum 2E

Oxford Humanities 7–10
Victorian Curriculum 2E

Oxford Maths 7–10
Victorian Curriculum

Oxford Maths 7–10
NSW Curriculum

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