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  • Senior English Skills Builder
  • Analysing and Presenting Argument
  • Reading and Creating | Reading and Comparing

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  • Student book + obook assess
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Oxford is proud to offer a suite of texts to cover all aspects of Senior English.

Written by a team of experienced authors and educators, Senior English Skills Builder, Analysing and Presenting Argument and Reading and Creating | Reading and Comparing will comprehensively support your students through VCE English.

Available individually or together in a value pack, each of our three VCE English texts come with a complete digital package, included in the upfront cost and have no additional or ongoing charges for assessment support.

Senior English Skills Builder is a unique text which equips students with the skills required for success in VCE English. Units include punctuation, grammar, parts of speech and spelling strategies, together with the skills needed to write analytical, creative and comparative responses to texts. The text also focuses on analysing, developing and presenting argument, improving oral communication and preparing thoroughly for an English examination.

Analysing and Presenting Argument progressively introduces students to the skills needed to develop arguments, use persuasive language (written, spoken and visual), read persuasive texts (including print, digital, spoken and multimodal media), analyse arguments and become proficient in oral presentations.

Reading and Creating | Reading and Comparing prepares students for VCE English success using a broad selection of text extracts (including text pairings in the 'Comparing' section). The book comprehensively covers textual features, understanding texts, analytical writing, creative writing, reading for comparison, making connections and contrasts, and comparative writing.

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