Stages 4 & 5


Stage 4 and 5 Science Professional Development Workshop
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Apply scientific principles to current events and build the skills for HSC success

Hear from our expert author team across two online sessions as they discuss how students can apply a scientific framework to the events of 2020 and acquire the skills they need to succeed in the HSC Senior Sciences.

Session 1: Scaffolding skills for HSC Science success

Presented by:
Melinda Mestre, Timothy Sloane and Mora Soliman

Date: 4/8/20

Video duration: 42 minutes

Oxford's expert author panel delivers tips and tricks for scaffolding skills development and engaging students in preparation for HSC success.

The team also introduces the structure of the new Oxford Insight Science for NSW 2E Student books and Skills and Activity books, explaining how key features support key learning for HSC.

Session 2: Working Scientifically in everyday life

Presented by:
Melinda Mestre, Lily Okati and Mora Soliman

Date: 18/8/20

Video duration: 49 minutes

Experienced teachers explain how to engage your students with contemporary topics such as COVID-19 and Climate Change by integrating Working Scientifically principles.

The team also provides an overview of key features of the new editions of Oxford Insight Science for NSW 2E.

Coming soon for 2021

Oxford Insight Science for NSW 2E offers a range of rigorous, accessible and engaging Student books, Skills and activity books and digital resources.

The new editions provide complete syllabus coverage and have been revised to feature the most up-to-date case studies and scientific concepts, with an explicit focus on the development of scientific skills.

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