Essential Academic Skills eBook

Second Edition

Kathy Turner, Lynette Ireland, Brenda Krenus, Leigh Pointon

Essential Academic Skills eBook

Second Edition

Kathy Turner, Lynette Ireland, Brenda Krenus, Leigh Pointon






22 Sep 2011




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Essential Academic Skills encourages and supports students to develop their skills to become the best learners they can be. It takes a step-by-step approach to the essential skills required to complete a university degree and provides comprehensive learning support through examples and activities.


  • A step-by-step approach to the core skills of finding sources, reading, writing, listening, speaking and researching within a university context.
  • Complete instructions on how to avoid plagiarism, and enhance the use of sources, through paraphrasing, quotation, summary, in-text citations and reference lists.
  • Comprehensive coverage of the essential assessment skills needed for success at university – academic essays, reports, case studies, reflective essays, presentations, group work, examinations, and primary research.
  • Academic language support relevant to all university study and specific for each skill
  • Appropriate academic examples provided for each step in the skill learning process.
  • Useful in-book and online activities for students.


  • New Chapter 2 Academic Language Support
  • Chapters 4 Reading in an Academic Context and 5 Basic Academic Writing Skills have been significantly updated to cover the new technological possibilities in searching and referencing and to incorporate the latest version of the APA style (APA 6th)


1. Thinking About Learning
Ideas about the nature of learning
Approaches to learning

2. Academic Language Support

The distinctiveness of academic language
Creating coherence

3. Listening and Participating

Listening well
Listening in different contexts

4. Reading in an Academic Context

Skills in finding sources
Reading well

5. Basic Academic Writing Skills

Writing objectively
Incorporating claims from the literature
Writing citations
Writing reference lists
Constructing a paragraph around claims from the literature

6. Further Academic Skills: Working on an Assignment

Responding to the assignment task
Organising ideas and information
Writing drafts

7. Essays and Reflective Writing

Reflective writing

8. Doing Case Studies and Writing Reports

Case studies
Identifying the problems
Making recommendations
Writing up the case study

9. Collaborative Learning: Working in Groups

Collaborative group work
Cooperative group work
Formal and informal group work
Benefits of group work
Roles people play in groups
How groups develop
Managing group work challenges
Managing micro processes

10. Presentations

The art of presentations
The informative presentation
Giving a team presentation
Leading a discussion

11. Examinations

Why examinations
Learning throughout the course
Focuses learning for an examination: revision
Preparation for particular types of examinations
Types of examinations
Types of examination questions
The examination
What if …

12. Doing Small-scale Exploratory Research Projects

What is research?
Researchable issues and questions
The research process
Quantitative versus qualitative research
Scientific rigour
Case studies

13. Writing about Research

Writing up your report
Appendix A: Basic Guidelines for Writing Citations and Reference List
Items (APA 6th)
Appendix B: Additional Exercises for Chapter 5
Appendix C: Case Study Exercise
Appendix D: Reading and Understanding a Research Article


Kathy Turner – Lecturer, Queensland Institute of Business and Technology, Griffith University

Lynette Ireland – Lecturer, School of Indigenous Australian Studies, James Cook University

Brenda Krenus – Senior Adviser, Strategic Initiatives, to the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), RMIT

Leigh Pointon – Academic director, Queensland Institute of Business and Technology, Griffith University

Student Resources

Lecturer Resources

The following resources are available for adopting lecturers of Essential Academic Skills: Second Edition

  • A testbank containing multiple choice questions for each chapter of the book. This testbank can be utilised in your university’s Virtual Learning Environment.
  • PowerPoint slides for each chapter
  • Instructor's Resource Manual

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