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Questions Floppy’s Phonics Sounds
and Letters
Floppy’s Phonics Project X Phonics Read Write Inc. Phonics
Do you have a systematic approach to teaching phonics? A rigorously structured synthetic phonics program developed by phonics expert Debbie Hepplewhite. Decodable fiction and non-fiction stories that are ideal for providing extra practice and reinforcement alongside any phonics teaching program. A systematic synthetic phonics resource developed using a unique approach to ensure rigorous consolidation and practice of phonics skills. Proven approach that ensures children learn to read and write as quickly and effectively as possible.
Are you catching every student the moment they fall behind? Rigorous and systematic phonics teaching and practice materials, with flexible and differentiated assessment sheets, means that no student is left behind. Can be used in group work and one-to-one reading practice. Regular assessment of all students’ progress through assessment records, designed to help track each student to see how they are developing, and show at a glance any areas that need extra practice and reinforcement. Ongoing assessment means that groups are constantly adjusted to ensure the best progress for every child until they have successfully completed the program.
Do you have fully matched resources to ensure all your students read books at the right level every step of the way? Provides everything you need to teach and practice phonics with your whole class. Matched to Floppy’s Phonics Sounds and Letters, with step-by-step progression. For group work and one-to-one reading practice. Easy to pick up and go, with clear teaching instructions on every page means that no preparation is needed. A key element of the approach is that practice across the school is completely consistent.This means that everyone has a shared understanding of the ‘Simple View of Reading’, how letters and sounds in English are related (the alphabetic code), and how to teach all children to read and write.
Is your staff as effective as they can be when teaching phonics? Oxford University Press can provide phonics training for your school, drawing on a range of resources from all our phonics programs. For more information email Accredited training is available and is an imperative part of the program to ensure successful implementation of Read Write Inc. Phonics into your school. The training delivers comprehensive professional development on how to use the program, which is based on a deep understanding of how children learn to read.
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