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Research shows that a consistent, strategic approach is the key to successfully developing comprehension skills.

To support Australian primary school teachers in addressing the comprehension challenge, we have developed a new research-based guided reading program focusing on the development of comprehension skills: Oxford Reading for Comprehension.

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Oxford Reading for Comprehension Decodables

ORFC Decodables is a unique, fully decodable, guided reading series that supports strong early vocabulary acquisition. It is underpinned by a proven, finely sequenced phonics framework aligned to Letters and Sounds and a research-based Comprehension Skills Framework.


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Complete this form to download sample pages for five of our newest Student Books and the Oxford Reading for Comprehension Teacher Handbook Evaluation Pack, which includes information about the series, an overview of the Comprehension Skills Framework, implementation support, tips for guided reading and an example lesson plan.

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290 guided reading books
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The series comprises 290 full-colour engaging fiction and non-fiction books with captivating characters and stories designed to appeal to young Australians. 250 titles published in 2018 and 40 more just published for 2020. All 290 texts have been carefully levelled for Years F–3 against Oxford Levels 1+ to 11 and Reading Levels 1 to 26*.

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The series is organised into 10 popular themes: Fantasy, Animals, Family and Friends, Food, Places, Environment, Health and Sport, Australian Stories, Art, and History. Every text supports the teaching of one of the five comprehension strategies from the Comprehension Skills Framework.

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A Comprehension Coaching Card for every text

Comprehension Coaching Cards provide before, during and after reading guidance, assisting teachers in modelling and teaching comprehension strategies and the use of metacognitive ‘think aloud’ prompts. Comprehension questions monitor students' use of comprehension skills to provide support before, during and after reading.

Teacher notes for EAL/D students are included to support all readers in the classroom, while practical activities support teachers in monitoring students' comprehension of the text.

Teacher Handbook

The Oxford Reading for Comprehension Teacher Handbook provides clear guidance for the explicit teaching, modelling and practice of comprehension strategies and skills using the Comprehension Skills Framework.

This printed resource provides accessible, focused support for all levels of the series, including an accessible explanation of the Comprehension Skills Framework and its application across the series.

The Teacher Handbook provides definitions and guidance on how to model the comprehension strategies and skills, and use the metacognitive 'think aloud' prompts and strategy tips. The Teacher Handbook also offers guidance on monitoring and assessment using the program.

Oxford Owl

Additional downloadable resources for Oxford Reading for Comprehension are available on Oxford Owl.

Resources include: 290 Comprehension Activity Sheets, one for every guided reading text, graphic organiser templates for use in the classroom, lists of Oxford Wordlist words featured in every text, flashcards, student assessment record templates, a guided reading text selector tool, and videos of in-class guided reading sessions showcasing best practice.

Oxford Reading Buddy (Beta)

A selection of Oxford Reading for Comprehension guided reading texts will be available on our unique digital reading service, currently in Beta and launching in 2021, along with titles from our Project X, Oxford Reading Tree and TreeTops series.

Oxford Reading Buddy gives every child a virtual reading coach to help them develop deeper comprehension skills. With an eBook library based on the Oxford Levels framework, each child can learn at precisely the right pace, and motivational rewards woven into the reading experience encourage a love of reading.

Teachers are able to track and monitor students’ application of comprehension skills with after-reading quizzes for all Reading for Comprehension texts, based on the Comprehension Skills Framework.


This series is underpinned by Oxford Levels

Supporting reading progress in all students

Strong reading skills are key to students’ overall success at school and beyond. Oxford Levels support all students to progress at every stage of their reading journey.

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How it works

Teaching and learning pathway

Oxford Reading for Comprehension provides complete support for the development of comprehension strategies and skills through every step of the teaching and learning pathway.

Teach & Model

  • Teacher Handbook
  • Comprehension Coaching Cards

Guided Practice

  • Guided reading texts
  • Comprehension Coaching Cards

Independent Practice

  • Guided reading texts
  • Comprehension Activity Sheets

Monitor and Assess

  • Quizzes on Oxford Reading Buddy
  • Comprehension Activity Sheets

Comprehension Skills Framework

Comprehension Skill Category Linked Comprehension Strategies

Finding information

  • Determine importance
  • Monitor comprehension
  • Activate prior knowledge
  • Ask questions
  • Visualise

Making connections and inferences

  • Infer
  • Predict
  • Monitor comprehension
  • Visualise
  • Ask questions
  • Activate prior knowledge
  • Determine importance

Understanding vocabulary

  • Monitor comprehension
  • Infer
  • Visualise
  • Ask questions

Using structure and organisation to make meaning

  • Monitor comprehension
  • Determine importance
  • Infer
  • Activate prior knowledge

Appreciating and understanding author’s toolkit

  • Infer
  • Activate prior knowledge
  • Ask questions
  • Visualise

At home reading

Parent notes are included on the inside front cover of every guided reading text. These provide easy-to-use guidance for productive reading sessions at home, reinforcing the work taking place in the classroom.

Easy-to-use guidance

Instructions have been carefully worded for ease of use and include tips to help parents with reluctant or struggling readers.

Questions reflect the Comprehension Skills Framework,
encouraging reading for meaning, reading for
pleasure, and reinforcing classroom work.

Comprehension research and the classroom: Bridging the gap


Join Oxford University Press in discussion with Susan Taylor, classroom teacher and literacy specialist, about the latest in comprehension research.

This webinar discusses the role of teachers as ‘expert readers’; demonstrates practical classroom application of key comprehension research findings; and explores how Oxford has used the latest comprehension research to develop our Oxford Reading for Comprehension series and its Comprehension Skills Framework.

Watch our free series on best-practice comprehension teaching!

Watch our five-part series on comprehension teaching in just 40 minutes! Presented by educator and literacy specialist, Susan Taylor, this series explores how you can help your students develop the comprehension strategies and skills they need to succeed.

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A guide to the research on best-practice teaching of comprehension in today’s world

At Oxford, we believe a consistent approach to teaching comprehension as part of your overall literacy instruction will help address the comprehension challenge. To support schools to achieve this we have developed a guide to the research on best-practice teaching of comprehension in today’s world.

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