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Fully decodable Australian guided reading for F–2

A unique approach to develop phonic and comprehension skills

Oxford Reading for Comprehension Decodables is a unique fully decodable Australian guided reading series for Years F–2. It is underpinned by a proven, finely sequenced phonics framework aligned to Letters and Sounds and the research-based Comprehension Skills Framework.

The ORFC Decodables series is structured so that the introduction of new sounds is supported by one fiction title and one non-fiction title in Oxford Reading Levels 1–6 to help develop strong early vocabulary acquisition and build student reading success.

“The two vital aspects to becoming an accomplished and motivated reader (word recognition and language comprehension processes) are brought together in this exciting new series.”

Laura Sharp, Phonics Expert

Explore ORFC Decodables

Join Oxford Senior Publisher Joanna Lake as she introduces ORFC Decodables, Oxford's new fully decodable Australian guided reading series for F–2.

This session explores how the new ORFC Decodables series develops phonic and comprehension skills from the start, and looks at the supporting research-based phonic and comprehension frameworks that underpin the series.

A tour of Oxford Owl at the end of the session highlights the online resources available for ORFC Decodables, as well as showcasing the eBook library.

Support reading success right from the start

Use the dropdown tabs to browse teaching and learning resources.

The 60 engaging fiction and non-fiction guided reading texts:

  • support strong phonic knowledge in every student by practising new sounds introduced via a proven phonic framework, Letters and Sounds
  • are structured so that the introduction of new sounds is supported by one fiction title and one non-fiction title
  • are meticulously levelled to both phonic and wider reading levelling criteria, ensuring skill progression across word reading and comprehension.

Phonics and comprehension coaching for every text:

  • provide support to use these fully decodable texts as part of your guided reading sessions
  • support embedding phonic knowledge, with guidance for the practice of newly introduced sounds and high frequency words
  • include guidance for explicitly teaching and modelling comprehension strategies
  • provide comprehension questions to monitor students’ use of comprehension skills during reading
  • include supportive before, during and after reading materials.

The ORFC Decodables Teacher Handbook provides complete support for the series with:

  • an overview of the phonics framework and introduction of high frequency words
  • suggested phonic warm up activities, tips on practising sounds, support for segmenting and blending
  • support for teaching, modelling and developing comprehension strategies and skills in the classroom
  • an overview and explanation of the Comprehension Skills Framework and its application across the series
  • guides to monitoring and assessment of phonic knowledge and comprehension skills using the series.

Extensive digital materials available on Oxford Owl include:

  • guidance for using the Oxford Wordlist with the series, with access to the 500 words aligned to the Letters and Sounds phonic sequence
  • 'Think Aloud’ and Strategy Tip Flashcards
  • Graphic Organiser templates
  • Student Assessment templates.

Whole-school access to eBooks of all 60 titles when you adopt the full ORFC Decodables print series.

Explore the Phonic Sequence

ORFC Decodables are aligned to the Letters and Sounds Phonic Sequence, with new sounds introduced via both a fiction and non-fiction title from Oxford Levels 1–6. Download the chart to browse the Phonic Sequence.


Explore the Comprehension Skills Framework

The Comprehension Skills Framework is based on the findings of multiple international studies into how children develop reading comprehension and the effective teaching of comprehension.

Comprehension Skill Category Linked Comprehension Strategies

Finding information

  • Determine importance
  • Monitor comprehension
  • Activate prior knowledge
  • Ask questions
  • Visualise

Making connections and inferences

  • Infer
  • Predict
  • Monitor comprehension
  • Visualise
  • Ask questions
  • Activate prior knowledge
  • Determine importance

Understanding vocabulary

  • Monitor comprehension
  • Infer
  • Visualise
  • Ask questions

Using structure and organisation to make meaning

  • Monitor comprehension
  • Determine importance
  • Infer
  • Activate prior knowledge

Appreciating and understanding author’s toolkit

  • Infer
  • Activate prior knowledge
  • Ask questions
  • Visualise

Oxford Reading for Comprehension Decodables

Uncover the features of Oxford Reading for Comprehension Decodables with this evaluation pack that showcases sample pages from the Teacher Handbook, explores the Teacher and Student Resources, and outlines the phonic and comprehension frameworks that underpin the series.


ORFC Decodables Series Pack

To celebrate the series launch we have a special school offer for whole series pack purchases that saves you over $300! Included in the whole series pack:

  • 60 fully decodable guided reading texts (fiction and non-fiction packs with 6 titles per pack)
  • complimentary 12-month access to eBooks of all 60 titles
  • ORFC Decodables Teacher Handbook
  • full teacher support and digital resources on Oxford Owl

Learn more about the pack inclusions in the series pack brochure.


This series is underpinned by Oxford Levels

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