Comprehension success begins with Oxford.

In classrooms across Australia, educators are facing a comprehension challenge. Although students are able to read independently, many have not developed the comprehension skills they need to understand the context of what they are reading. This impacts their ability to learn, and to read for enjoyment.

At Oxford, we believe a consistent approach to teaching comprehension as part of your overall literacy instruction will help address the comprehension challenge.

What comprehension challenges are Oxford helping to address?

Providing a consistent approach to teaching comprehension as part of your overall literacy instruction

Seeking out Australian texts linked to the curriculum that helps improve students’ fluency, vocabulary and comprehension

Finding meaningful ways to incorporate strategies and skills into usual classroom practice

Helping to address reading confidence and reading for meaning by engaging with texts in an enjoyable way

Poor performance at school affected by difficulties with reading comprehension

An inability to understand the meaning of words, phrases and paragraphs or to process ideas presented in a text

How does Oxford address comprehension needs?

A consistent, strategic approach to teaching comprehension is the key to developing reading comprehension. Oxford's comprehension programs offer a consistent approach to teaching and learning, utilising strategies and skills that support usual classroom practice.

Our resource offering is informed by Australian and international research-based evidence.

Oxford’s comprehension resources are matched to teaching needs and integrate easily into lesson planning.

Our comprehension programs address skills development in the early years (Years F–3) and whole-class teaching for Years 3–6.

Reading for meaning with Oxford's comprehension program

Full support for the development of comprehension skills in your classroom

Oxford Reading for Comprehension is a new, research-based guided reading program that explicitly develops comprehension skills for Years F–3.

Oxford Reading for Comprehension provides a systematic approach to the explicit teaching of comprehension strategies and skills and helps students learn to be active, engaged readers who can understand and enjoy a range of texts.

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Reading for meaning: A guide to the research on best-practice teaching of comprehension

The comprehension whitepaper reviews the research and evidence around teaching comprehension and presents some practical classroom solutions.

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