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Please look up individual books to see if a title is available digitally.

Oxford University Press Australia and New Zealand currently produces Oxford Ascend interactive ebooks (previously known as obooks) and VitalSource ebooks for higher education students.


What is an Oxford Ascend interactive ebook or obook?
The interactive ebook is OUP’s own brand of ebook and accessible online through Oxford Ascend oxfordascend.com. Interactive ebooks provide a truly integrated etext with extra content and resources built in, including video, audio and links to further content live within the text.

Advantages of an Oxford interactive ebook 
Some information is just better accessed online. Videos, links, podcasts are all live when online in an Oxford interactive ebook. You can watch a case study, flick to a website to read some extra material, then back to the textbook to read a section, listen to the author explain a complex topic, and then answer some revision questions – all online on any device.

  • Interviews and videos embedded in the text.
  • Audio chapter summaries.
  • Hotlinked learning objectives and embedded weblinks.
  • ‘Live’ chapter revision questions and answers so readers can type their answers straight into the text.
  • Integrated Concise Oxford Dictionary. 
  • Highlighting and note-taking features.
  • Additional video and audio content not available in the print book.
  • Find important information fast by searching your obook for key words.
  • OUP Ascend ebooks have perpetual access and will not expire.

When you purchase an Oxford Ascend ebook and/or Resources online through this website, you will receive an email containing your obook access code and instructions to get you started.

*Please note: If your textbook comes with an obook and mentions Oxford Digital, this can also be accessed through Oxford Ascend. 

You can also learn how to do this with our video tutorials below:

What is a VitalSource ebook?
OUP Australia VitalSource ebooks are accessible to customers anywhere in the world. Vitalsource ebooks are a digital version of the text, downloadable to your computer and accessible offline using the free Vital Source Bookshelf software. All your Oxford ebooks can be accessed from Bookshelf.

Advantages of a VitalSource e-book:

  • Access to the best OUP textbooks at a price that will help those on a tight budget
  • You get three-way access to your ebooks: download, online, and mobile.
  • Available on your desktop (PC and Mac compatible), laptop, tablet, or smartphone (apps available for both Apple and Android platforms).
  • The VitalSource Bookshelf allows you to access and transfer your downloaded e-books on all your devices (with a limit of 2 computers and 2 mobile devices).
  • Notes and highlighting functions mean these can be used like any other book, but with the added advantage of being able to share in-text notes with others who have the same ebook.
  • Notes and highlights will sync no matter what device they are made on.
  • Find important information fast, search in one or all your ebooks, your notes or your friends notes. Right-click for immediate word definitions.
  • The best-known higher education textbooks, study guides, classics, and more are now available through VitalSource Bookshelf.

Learn how to set up your VitalSource Bookshelf with this tutorial:

Take a look inside an Oxford VitalSource ebook at the video below:

When you purchase a VitalSource ebook online this website, you will receive an email containing your ebook access code and instructions on how to download your ebook. OUP VitalSource ebooks have perpetual access and will not expire.


If you have any questions, please contact our digital support team at digitalsupport.au@oup.com.
Digital Support hours of operation are Monday to Friday 8:30am-4:45pm AEST

Please note: For first time VitalSource users, you will be required to download VitalSource Bookshelf and set up an account to download your ebooks. VitalSource Bookshelf is free to download. For system requirements and FAQs please visit bookshelf.vitalsource.com  

OUP VitalSource ebooks can be purchase from the Oxford University Press Australia website, the VitalSource Australia store and participating bookshops.

OUP ebooks are single user only and are not available to libraries or institutions at this time.