Skill-building Packs

Thank you for registering for your skill-building pack. Click on the links below to access your selected pack. Please feel free to share this page with your colleagues who might interested in downloading packs from other subject areas.  

The skill-building packs include:

  • Course planners for most subject areas
  • Sample teaching notes from each year level (please scroll through to find your year level)
  • Teacher dashboard/obook assess contents to help you locate all the useful resources for your classroom teaching
  • Oxford University Press contact posters

If you have feedback that you would like to share with us about the packs, your product or how we can improve our service for you, please contact us directly.

Oxford Science

Oxford Science (Victorian Curriculum Edition)
Oxford Science (Western Australia Curriculum Edition)
Oxford Science (Australian Curriculum Edition)

Oxford Big Ideas Humanities

Oxford Big Ideas Humanities (Victorian Curriculum Edition)
Oxford Big Ideas Humanities (Western Australia Curriculum Edition)


MyMaths (Victorian Curriculum Edition)
MyMaths (Western Australia Curriculum Edition)
MyMaths (Queensland Edition)
MyMaths (AUSVels Edition)

My English

My English (Victorian Curriculum Edition)
My English (Western Australia Curriculum Edition)
My English (Queensland Edition)

Insight series

Insight Maths
Insight History
Insight Science
Insight Geography

Oxford Maths

Oxford Maths for Australian Schools

Maths Plus

Maths Plus (Victorian Curriculum Edition)
Maths Plus (NSW Syllabus Edition)
Maths Plus (Australian Curriculum Edition)