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Marketing: Self Test Questions

Welcome to the Oxford Business Hub: Marketing. The OBH is the online home to a wealth of resources to help students throughout a business degree. On this page you will find Self Test Questions to help improve your subject knowledge and prepare for assessment.


Test yourself and receive instant feedback with this collection of multiple choice questions from Marketing: Second Edition. Select one of the links below to start improving your understanding of key marketing concepts.

Chapter 01: Marketing Principles and Society
Chapter 02: The Marketing Environment
Chapter 03: Consumer Buying Behaviour
Chapter 04: Marketing Research
Chapter 05: Marketing Strategy
Chapter 06: Marketing Segmentation and Positioning
Chapter 07: International Marketing Development
Chapter 08: Developing Products and Brands
Chapter 09: Price Decisions
Chapter 10: An Introduction to Marketing Communications
Chapter 11: Marketing Communications: Tools, Media and Planning
Chapter 12: Retailing and Channel Management
Chapter 13: Services Marketing
Chapter 14: Business-to-Business Marketing
Chapter 15: Relationship Marketing
Chapter 16: Not-for-Profit Marketing
Chapter 17: Digital Marketing
Chapter 18: Post-modern Marketing
Chapter 19: Marketing, Sustainability and Ethics

Introduction to Marketing

Test your knowledge of each topic before exams with these multiple choice questions from the third edition of Introduction to Marketing.

Chapter 01: What is Marketing?
Chapter 02: The Marketing Environment
Chapter 03: Socially Responsible Marketing
Chapter 04: Buyer Behaviour and Relationship Development
Chapter 05: Marketing Research
Chapter 06: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
Chapter 07: Competitor Analysis and Brand Development
Chapter 08: Developing the Product
Chapter 09: Pricing
Chapter 10: Channel Intermediaries
Chapter 11: Marketing Communications
Chapter 12: Managing the Marketing Effort in a Global Environment

Online Marketing

Test your knowledge of Online Marketing with this range of multiple choice questions.

Chapter 01: Principles and Drivers of the New Marketing Environment
Chapter 02: Strategy and Models for the Virtual World
Chapter 03: Online Marketing Planning Issues
Chapter 04: Online Marketing Research
Chapter 05: Online Buyer Behaviour
Chapter 06: Search Engine Marketing
Chapter 07: Permission and Personalisation Online
Chapter 08: Website Development, Design and Content
Chapter 09: The Online Product
Chapter 10: Pricing Issues on the Web
Chapter 11: Online Communication Tools
Chapter 12: Online Distribution and Placement
Chapter 13: Online Marketing Legal Issues

Global Marketing Management

Test yourself on all aspects of Global Marketing Management by using these multiple choice questions, organised by chapter.

Chapter 01: Changes and New Challenges
Chapter 02: The Global Marketing Environment
Chapter 03: Understanding Globalization
Chapter 04: Understanding Global Cultures and Buyer Behaviour
Chapter 05: Understanding Social, Ethical and Ecological Aspects of Market Planning
Chapter 06: Opportunity Analysis and Selection of Markets
Chapter 07: Market Entry Strategies
Chapter 08: Creating, Developing and Maintaining Competitive Advantage
Chapter 09: Product and Brand Management
Chapter 10: Global Services Marketing
Chapter 11: Management of Global Communications
Chapter 12: Managing Supply Chain and Distribution
Chapter 13: Managing Global Marketing Relationships
Chapter 14: Global Pricing and Terms of Access
Chapter 15: Sales Force Management and Negotiation
Chapter 16: Organizing and Controlling Global Marketing Operations

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